TURRET PUNCHING MACHINE Amada VIPROS 358K / 368K is a stable, fast and high-quality processing of even the most demanding production. No sanding of the edges is required and the surface is scratched thanks to the waste suction system. Turret punching is recommended especially when it comes to stamping a large number of holes or other repeating shapes. The stable and rigid turret press holder guarantees accuracy and precision of positioning even at high speed and acceleration over the entire working area.

  • Structural steel - max. 3.2 mm
  • Stainless and acid-resistant steel - max. 3.2 mm
  • Aluminum - max. 3.2 mm
  • Galvanized steel - max. 3.2 mm
  • Max. sheet width: 1500 mm
  • Max. sheet length: 4000 mm
  • Cutting shapes: round, square, rectangular, beans

We co-create projects with the client or work directly on the entrusted documentation. We can manage the supply chain - from ordering materials, our own production, cooperation of services to the organization of transport to the customer.


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    Turret punching Częstochowa

    A wide range of operations that can be performed on our punching machine in conjunction with CNC numerical control, makes it an excellent machine for shaping more or less complex sheet metal products. The use of this machine for cutting significantly reduces the lead time due to the reduction of the time needed for retooling the punch.

    One of the most interesting operations that can be performed on CNC punching machines is nibbling, which consists in cutting holes or external contours of complex shapes using circular punches, the diameter of which is much smaller than the dimensions of the elements being punched out.

    In addition, on the machine you can perform:

  • cutting
  • bending
  • threading
  • transfer
  • punching
  • branding