A large number of tools and the experience of our operators allow us to provide a wide range of services in the field of sheet bending. We guarantee high quality and full compliance with the client's requirements.

  • Max. length of the bent element 4200 mm.
  • Max. pressing force 1700

We co-create projects with the client or carry out sheet metal bending directly on the provided documentation. We can manage the supply chain - from ordering materials, our own production, cooperation of services to the organization of transport to the customer.

Established in the early 1950s, BAYKAL is a leading manufacturer of fiber lasers, gas lasers, CO2, press brakes and hydraulic guillotines.
Thanks to continuous investments in the latest technologies and ongoing works research and development, the BAYKAL brand is known all over the world.

  • Max. width of the bent element 4100 mm
  • Max. pressing force 240 tons
  • Distance between columns 3550 mm
  • Table width 90 mm

Full specification available HERE


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    Lepsod-Laser Częstochowa deals with many different services. One of these services is sheet bending . These types of solutions are very often used by an increasing number of people running their own enterprise, carrying out all projects from various types of sheet metal. The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction , which is why we use the best quality machines and provide you with a really wide range of services. What we can guarantee you is the highest quality and the fastest execution time for all your orders.

    Sheet metal bending

    When it comes to sheet metal bending in our company, we offer you 4200 millimeters in terms of the maximum length of the bent element and the maximum pressure force of 1700 kg. Also, as you can see, our machines are one of the best on the market , which allows us to complete a large number of orders and projects of our clients. The client is important to us, because we realize that you will "live" with our projects and therefore we work directly on the documentation entrusted to us.

    Sheet metal bending - what else should we know?

    When it comes to one of our most important motto - we do not act alone, but we act together with our clients. We know that together we can create something really beautiful and wonderful, as well as unique. However, we ourselves take over the hardest work in sheet metal bending , i.e. we order materials, manufacture and send the finished project to the customer. Also, as you can see, our customers don't have to worry about anything.

    CNC sheet bending - what is it all about?

    Sheet metal bending involves shaping completely new items from sheets. According to our client's guidelines, we bend the sheet so that it deforms in the right place. All cnc sheets are suitable for bending and profiling. This is great news for anyone who has an idea to create something from such sheet metal. There are many possibilities. When it comes to cnc sheet bending , it really has many advantages, for example it is a very fast realization of the project as well as professional and perfectly even sheet bending which does not spoil it. In our company, we use the latest machines, so you do not need to be afraid of any breakdowns and we can guarantee the best quality.

    Sheet metal bending - process automation

    Our machines are equipped with mini-computers that enable the preview of a product that we have not yet created in such a way that our client has the best opportunity to see the product and possible changes before creating it. The sheet bending process is extremely accurate and efficient. It is really worth using this type of solution. Thanks to this, you will save both money and time. Due to the fact that our machines are designed so that the process is fully repeatable, the parts ordered by you will be almost identical. If you have any questions, please contact us on the numbers available on our website.