Over 40 years of experience in business and a passion to create and pose new challenges make Lepsod a leader in its area of ​​activity on the market. Every day we provide services at the highest level. In addition to the leading execution method used by Lepsod, the success was determined by: modern machinery, qualified and experienced employees, high quality confirmed by the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.
In addition to production experience, Lepsod also has logistics potential. We have at our disposal warehouse space, production halls, offices and an area enabling further expansion of the company. Over 4,000 m2 of the hall area guarantees unlimited cooperation opportunities for its current and future business partners.


Our team consists of people with passion and experience. Thanks to this, our company is constantly developing, introducing innovative solutions, meeting market requirements and trends, which makes LEPSOD one of the most developed companies in the industry.

We have a well-developed production and logistics department, thanks to which we quickly carry out all, even the most complex orders.

Our sales team consists of specialists who can advise and find the best solutions for customers. The quality of service at LEPSOD is a priority that we improve every day.


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